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Victoria, Victoria, Victoria

I say it like that because I haven’t been to the city in September… it was different, more robust! Busier than usual. A few cruise ships were docked and it was mayhem… only in my eyes, I am sure. I started the morning bright and early checking out a local second-stage house for the Victoria recovery community.

On my walk, I was greeted by a street merchant. Actually, it wasn’t a street merchant, but rather a beautiful peacock. Do they attack? Because this guy or gal was coming after me… slowly at first. So, I took a picture and then I thought to myself, this could end in epic, but noteworthy fashion. Like that youtube kind-of deal. HA! So, I backed away slowly.

It was great to touch base with another community of resources that have been helping our men in their recovery pursuits. It is essential that we all work together for the best client-centred care possible during and after our drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs. Afterwards, I got to walk the streets of the older part of Victoria. It’s a beautiful and vibrant city for sure. I had some time left, so what did I do? I shopped of course. I actually “baby present” shopped! FUN. One of our beloved staffers is having a Christmas baby – more fun.

Back on track. It’s alumni dinner time. I sauntered through the mall a bit before heading to dinner. I’m early to our dinner space so that I can greet the guys and hopefully spend some time with those that show up early willing and wanting to talk.

One of our alumnus who showed up early was one that had not been through our centre in 7 years – so before my time even! How lovely it was to catch up with him and get to know him better before the rest of the clan arrived. That’s the beauty of our alumni program. It never leaves; it doesn’t have a best before date. We are with our alumni as long as they wish us to be in their lives. It’s beauty.

This dinner was one of our best turnouts in Vic, yet — Love it.

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