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Vancouver Addiction Recovery Shenanigans

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Planes, Rentals, and Roads

I fly in from Kelowna, grab a rental car, and immerse myself in Vancouver shenanigans. I have just enough time to ditch the suitcase in my hotel and meet-up with a client to take him with me to the support meeting.


It’s a good day when you see someone doing great. When you see them looking healthy and they are not just surviving, but thriving! Client J has been on Suboxone for approximately 4 months and he swears he has not used anything since! I can tell. He looks COMPLETELY different than when I seen him 5 months ago. If it works – do it. If we can prevent death – do it. This is my personal opinion. No more deaths.

Men Being Honest Meeting

Client J and I get to the meeting with about 5 minutes to spare. We both are, obviously, horrible navigators – even with GPS. Fun times. The meeting is full with 15 guys. The view on top of the building is spectacular with the downtown high rises off in the distance. It was another great meeting. The MBH group has been getting together every 2 weeks for almost 4 years. To any of my Vancouverite clients who haven’t been to this meeting, I highly recommend attending!

Hanging Out Downtown

After the meeting I drop off a few of our guys at their homes. J and I hit up the Waffle House on Robson and catch-up a bit more. Lots of good things are happening for him and his family and it’s great to see. It’s been great to be a part of his support system and watch him grow over the years. It can be done – don’t EVER give up!

My final thought: Progress not perfection.

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