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Toronto Rapture Vol. 2

Terroni’s on Adelaide. It’s what we do. The same room, the same rich history, and the same amazing Italian eatery. It wasn’t our biggest gathering in Toronto, but it had the right amount of depth to be one that hosted great meaning. The richness of who attended was as fine as the Italian meal we shared together. The table was full and we shared a salute – a cheer with our sparkling waters and espressos.

The night flew by and like any great evening while the sun faded before our supper. When the conversation and companies are good, there’s this real sense of home and comfort, making gatherings quite often feel like home to me. A table full of food, laughter, stories, character, life, and connectedness, there is just something about these evenings that fill up my love tank.

As the night ends we all linger outside; no one really wants to leave. They share in their communal smoke shack-like smoke (only SCHC clients and staff will truly understand the depth of this reference), while I inhale the sweet city smog and second-hand smoke finding it hard to say goodbye (I’m a certified non-smoker). Some I will see at the support meeting the next day while others it may be months, even years, or, as hard as it is to say, never again.

I always hang onto the moment a little longer and dole out a few more hugs before pulling myself away from the crowd. What have I learned after all these years? Enjoy these moments fully – nothing is promised. One of the clients I have known for years drives me back to my hotel… we don’t sit in silence, rather we sing Pearl Jam’s Black at the top of our lungs in unison like two old friends do.

Life is about the moments we have or share. Enjoy it instead of letting it pass you by.

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