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The Prairie Files VI – Firehall 8

In the middle of my Saskatoon trip, I got to hang out with the fellas at Firehall #8. I was asked to join them for lunch, a tour, a long day of visits, laughter, and some serious moments. One of our clients, who’s been an advocate is outspoken and honest about his PTSD and alcoholism, is trying to make a difference for the men and women who need treatment but can’t get the help they so desperately need. He’s at the forefront for making a difference with his story for the whole of Saskatchewan Fire Fighters.

A huge thank you to those men and women. A big thank you to Firehall #8 for making me feel so welcomed. It’s not a far-off feeling than that of the Centre. The brotherhood, the camaraderie, the sense of community, and the dull roar of foul language, laughter, and storytelling. I never felt out of place once.

There is nothing quite like being with men and women who dedicate themselves and their lives to their community and put themselves in harm’s way to protect and take care of us. I fully understand the depth of their sacrifices and that they chose to serve humanity for the sake of humanity.

We need them. We must appreciate them with louder voices, random acts of kindness, and support when/where they need it. As a society, collectively, we need to make sure we are there helping them pick up the pieces when things have fallen for them. It is our duty to give them what they so selflessly give us. Always.

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