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The Prairie Files V – Saskatoon Shenanigans

If you’ve never been to Saskatoon, I challenge you to go. It is a beautiful city nestled in the heartland of farm country. The river runs along the city’s edge and when you are flying in it is a spectacular sight.

This is the second time this year that I have ventured to this city. We have a support meeting that is here now with a professional facilitator, Katherine Harriman. The support meeting was wonderful; the space was comfortable and private. We dug deep at this meeting and had a client who was the man with all the best one-liners and quotes – we actually said he ‘needs to write a book.’ He came in from Regina. Now that’s dedication.

The next night we had dinner and again there’s another client who dedicated 2+ hours to join us from Moose Jaw. There is a good crew of us, especially considering that it’s a much smaller population than most of our other cities. We dined at the amazing Flanagan steakhouse. The restaurant has a rich history and they gave us a bit of a tour after dinner. The food was phenomenal as always.

For the very first time, we welcomed a grown son with his father into the group dinner. It was beautiful to see the openness, candidness, and vulnerability they shared simultaneously, but also what others shared too. It was that kind of intimate setting where people felt free to be themselves, feel their feelings, and give it their all. The son and his family had attended our family program recently, so it was interesting and allowed for a bit of a different perspective. Loved it!

Another amazing city field. Another set of tools for my own toolbox. Life is a constant opportunity for growth. Don’t miss out on life as life always has something for you. Keep looking, listening, feeling, and remember to be curious.

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