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The Prairie Files – Thunder and Lightening

I was recently texted by a client about my upcoming alumni tour. He writes, “bring your rain jacket – it’s looking like lots of rain and thunderstorms here in Calgary.” My response, “SWEET. This Prairie girl misses her erratic summer weather.”

The captain announces to our plane of 131 people that the ride will be a bit bumpy on our way up and at our descent. It turned out to be neither, but that’s just my take on it. My Calgary airport pickup is like clockwork now. If John is in town he offers to pick me up. In almost three years, he’s missed two. He is trustworthy and one of the most reliable guys on the planet (I swear). Always on time, he is.

We do what we do. We talk and we eat. The Native Tongue in Calgary is amazing! Mexican food to die for and the company was even better.

I feel like I missed this ‘epic’ storm by about a day. There were numerous posts from my local Alberta friends and family the night before about hail, lost power, and seriously hazardous conditions. Although this kind of weather is no joke – I miss it. I miss the Prairies. I miss her beautiful summer sunsets, her fields of wheat, the Rocky Mountains, and her unruly, and sometimes tumultuous, weather. I grew up with the hashtag: “if you want the weather to change just wait five minutes”.

I guess in summary it all ties into recovery and into our lives. That a trigger or a storm may come – IT WILL COME and we just need to be prepared for it, be ready, be knowledgeable, and just wait five minutes – this too shall pass. Time helps. People help. Breathe.

I am lucky today for the smooth sailings in the sky, the reliable ride, the laughter, the food, the company, and on and on it can go. I still have 6 more days in the prairies and I hope that I get to see the fork in the lightning, hear the roll of the thunder, and the rumblings of an angry sky god. Call me crazy, but there’s something invigorating about its power.

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