The Prairie Files IV – Edmonton and the Battle of Alberta

A Quiet Meal

The playoffs were on the night I had hosted the Edmonton dinner. I’m sure that’s enough said since Pittsburgh ended up winning the cup that night. I was cheering for the Predators – would have been nice to see Suban win it after being traded abruptly from Montreal. I guess that’s life though… as much as we’d like to think we are prepared for things, we quite often aren’t. There are things that you just can’t plan for.

So needless to say that night there were a few guys that did not show up, but that’s the way she goes sometimes. The men that did show up were the ones that really wanted to be there and that’s all that matters.

Another dinner and another dessert. What was spectacular is that people can always get a good laugh out of themselves. At failing to just meet our minimum spend at the restaurant I get to say let’s have a round of desserts please – it’s a damn good chuckle for everyone.

There is a real sense of community and sharing at these dinners and alumni events.

Our Meet Up

The meeting the next night was much the same in that life happens – people get caught up in work, doctor’s appointments, and so on. We still had a fairly good showing for the meeting. Calgary beat out Edmonton, which for the battle of the cities, is in everything and is everywhere! The battle of Alberta is totally a thing here.

The reflection of this part of my trip is that we all need to make time for ourselves and to do what we love; not what one client calls “adult chores” – that doesn’t count. Things that challenge us, bring us joy, are FUN! Things that are separate from family and work life. As adults, we forget to do things that fill our own cups. As the saying goes “one can’t pour from an empty one.”

That night we challenged ourselves to do something specifically by the end of this week that fills us up, that makes us happy – something that challenges us to take specific time for just ourselves. I’ll be following up with our guys and see if we all stayed committed to our goals of self-love and enjoyment.

I have so much love for the constant growth that I get along this path. There are tidbits for life everywhere, you just have to be willing to listen, to see, and to do.

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