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The following is a poem that was written by Pat, a past client of ours. This poem has been pinned-up on the board for as long as I can remember. It’s words are mesmerizing, dark and truthful. Many clients have been intrigued by its truthfulness over the years. Others have taken copies to remind them.

Our battle with addiction is cunning, deceitful and manipulative, yet there is always hope. The battle can be won and we can be victorious! I hope you enjoy the works of such a talented poet.

Death To Dr. Jekyll

The time has come ‘tween you and me,
Your door is closed… I finally see.

You’ve caused me hurt, you’ve caused me pain,
Almost lived my life in vain.

My loves, my dreams you tried to take,
Your appetite I could not fake.

You stole my heart, you stole my will,
But I was able to fight you still.

And know the end for you is nigh,
All that’s left is to say goodbye.

So burn in hell where you belong,
There’ll be no one there to sing your song.

I’ve received a sacred epiphany,
It’s not up to you…it’s up to me.

Your hold on me …it couldn’t last,
All the bad is in the past.

My dignity, it has returned,
And now it’s you that has finally spurned.

I accept it wasn’t all due to you,
But you helped create this toxic stew.

So into the fire you’ll finally rest,
I’ve peace at last…you are off my chest.

It’s with great joy I watched you die,
It’s here you’ll stay, where your ashes lie.

And so now for you it is farewell,
It’s you, not me that’s bound for hell.

– Written by Pat

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