The Impact Hub – Ottawa Support Meeting

It started out as a very interesting day. As I took a walk up to Parliament while I waited for the support meeting to start, I soon realized that there was something major happening. There were droves of people EVERYWHERE. It soon became apparent that it was an annual march for “pro-life” advocates. It was a massive protest and just for the sake of being genuine and honest, I am pro-choice. I do, however, believe in the right to peaceful protest.

So this march caught us all off guard… literally. We were scattered everywhere trying to get to the meeting space which was only a block east of the march that went through the city. Guys had to park 6+ blocks away, I had to walk straight through the march, and some guys got so detoured that they just couldn’t make it.

The meeting though, once we all got there, was a great space. One of the clients brought snacks for all – so thoughtful! He also brought me an Aboriginal necklace made out of leather.

The Impact Hub just changed locations. It is a space for innovators and people who want to change the world. It’s an open space for thinkers, dreamers, entrepreneurs; a place where people or ideas come alive – doing their own thing, but in a collective and conducive space for ALL.

The meeting is facilitated by Jeffrey Halliday from Wisdom Tree Projects. He took us through a focusing exercise that clears out space in our minds – it was great. The meeting flew by like they quite often do, and this one too went over time. The Ottawa meeting is fairly new but already has taken on roots that I know will last a long time. It gives me a sense of relief to know that our men are being taken care of in their cities and that soon we will offer meetings online for those that are in remote areas across Canada.

The group of men are excited that this service is offered in their area and we are proud to be offering more meetings across Canada. More meetings equal more support, more resources, and a collection of like-minded peers to support one another in living and recovery.

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