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The Brotherhood and the Traveling Sister – Part 5


Supporting the Alumni

Before it was time to get to the dinner, I met up with one of our clients who needed support. The Starbucks downstairs in my hotel provided a great space to talk. Struggles can be and are usually part of the recovery journey. He was unsure whether he could come to the dinner. We discussed the importance of reaching out for the support and engaging in any activities that would provide a safe support. Needless to say, he pushed himself and came.

Alumni Dinner at Vintage Chophouse

It’s the space we’ve been using for years. Their private dining space is immaculate and the food is phenomenal. Due to my long conversation with our alumni, it had me running late to my own event! When I got there it was a spectacular site. The table was full of our alumni. I was greeted with some hackles for being late and some cheers, but mostly hugs.

Real Talk on Suboxone

I am a full believer that there is no such thing as coincidences. The client that I had convinced to come had the opportunity to talk with a fellow client that is on Suboxone and doing great. He gave the in’s and out’s of the procedures in Alberta, how to get in touch with a local doctor, and discussed his personal journey with opiates. He was candid and honest and said it’s saving his life. You will never convince me that harm reduction doesn’t have its place in our society. That client stated that he will look into it. Suboxone is saving people’s lives and these people have families who love them. Every life is worth saving if we can.

Final Thoughts

I wrapped this week up feeling grateful, honoured, and inspired. I saw over 80 of our clientele altogether. I hosted two alumni support meetings, two dinners, countless coffees, and supported much more on the phone. I am dedicated to creating the best post-treatment care out there. I am dedicated to our countless alumni and recovery community in general. It is my life’s work to help people – not to just survive, but to live. Live a life one can be proud of. I am coming up on 9 years in recovery and nothing is more real to me as I look back at my life, the way I was, and who I have become. Everyone deserves that.

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