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The Brotherhood and the Traveling Sister – Part 4


John and I got into town just in time to drop off my suitcase at the hotel and to grab a quick eat before heading to the support meeting. We ventured to a diner that was somewhere near the meeting, but it was closed for a private event. On we walked.


The next thing we came to was an authentic Mexican restaurant. Completely out of my comfort zone. Even the chairs and table through me for a loop. However, there was this euphony that happened to me. Life is not meant to be comfortable. It is meant to be adventurous. We are meant to try new things and be in situations that are beyond our comfort zone. I had one of the best meals I have ever had at the ‘Native Tongue’ in downtown Calgary that night. We are only bound by our own thoughts or expectations.

The Meeting

There were 10 of us at the meeting. All of various program years. We discussed comfort and how we need to push ourselves more. The dialogue flowed easily and the check-ins were full of honesty and allowed everyone to share a piece of their lives. “No one is going to make you happy, but you”, said someone. The ball is on our courts. We also ended on what we are grateful for and what we want to work on. The grateful question is always beautiful. It can be simple, it can be deep, it can be anything, but what it allows is a focus on the beauty around us. To be thankful and full of gratitude creates a place that can help nurture positivity and something to work on gives us a chance to pursue a personal goal.

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