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The Brotherhood and the Traveling Sister Part 3

Fogged in Edmonton

brotherhood-3The morning began with me not wanting to dealing with it at all. Groggy, tired, and still having to pack to go to Calgary, I did what most of us do – grabbed a phone and kept warm under the covers. I don’t always do this, but this day I checked my flight status and it said cancelled. Cancelled? What? I guess Edmonton was in a blanket of fog. Cancelled and delayed trips across the country. Wonderful!

Brother John to the Rescue

As I waited for my ‘call back’ from WestJet, I sent John a text “flight cancelled – I’ll let ya know when it is rescheduled”. John always picks me up faithfully at the airport when I am in Calgary. His rebuttal, “I’ll just come and get you.” Insert another “What!?” in here. I tripled checked if he was sure and he was. brotherhood-3(1)It never ceases to amaze me the amount of support I get out here on the alumni trail and how wonderful so many of our men are.

The Ride or Die Deal (Just Kidding)

John’s Honda Civic doesn’t scare me on the winter roads… my West Coast spoiled attitude does. LOL. I hear the muffler of John’s little sports car pull up. Time to ride. The trip was great as I got to sing along to songs with John. John has been in recovery for over 2 years and is still doing well. He just got accepted into SAIT and is pursuing a career that he wants – not one that he has to have. It has meaning and purpose. He is a solid alumni that has always went above and beyond for anyone and he is also well versed in listening to himself, what makes him tick. Introspection is an excellent guide in a healthy recovery.

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