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The Brotherhood and the Traveling Sister Part 2

Alumni Dinner at ‘The Parlour’ in Edmonton

The Manager Steve met me at the door. He gave me a firm, but friendly handshake. People who know me best know what I did next… I hugged him. It’s actually gotten to the point where people I know go, “it’s ok – she’s just a hugger.” It makes me giggle every time.

brotherhood-2Greeted by a few that had already arrived, it felt like home. Smiles and hugs all around. The dinners we provide are just one of the ways of bringing our men together who were at SCHC at different times. To enjoy a good meal, break bread together, share stories of their time at the Centre, network, and to just be there for them, in their community.

Dinner of Champions

See what I did there? Hockey fans will know, but Edmontonions will know for sure! It was an amazing dinner. There were 20 of us and so much food left over everyone was forced to take some food home. We had a 6-course familia style dinner! It looks like we have found our new home for our future events. I always gauge the evenings by volume. There were moments when I chuckled out loud, because I could hardly hear the clients to my side.

Final Thoughts

brotherhood-2(1)Socializing, pulling ourselves out of our houses, and pushing ourselves to experience new things is what life is about. Even if at times we are not comfortable – growth and experiences won’t come from being comfortable. Challenging ourselves to do and try new things is part of the adventure we call life. To hear the laughter in that room, to see old friends meet up again, to feel the connections between our peers is pure gold to me. It’s our Rat Park.

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