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The Brotherhood and the Traveling Sister Part 1


I’ve had 8 weeks off of travelling and it was time to hit the road again. A new year and a new adventure ahead. Even in the midst of knowing that there was cold weather ahead of me and snow, I was excited to get back to my home province. “How I love you even in the middle of January!”

Getting off the plane, there was excitement in the air. There was a little extra pep in my step. There is always something special about starting off in a New Year that gets me motivated to do and be better than the year before (or at least try!).

The Meeting

It was the kind of meeting you can only hope for. It begins with hugs and introductions. A sharing circle of the men and me. It had points of strength and years with recovery. It had heartache and pain. It had slips. The most memorable of moments is when the tears turned to laughter and laughter brought joy back in the eyes. It brought hope of better days. It brought support. It rekindled life and sparked optimism.

brotherhood-1(1)The Takeaway

Life is not meant to be easy. Life has its ups and downs. That night a client mentioned that there is always a positive in a negative – you just have to look for it. Things will get better with time. It’s easy to get stuck on that closed door. Change is usually uncomfortable and scary, but necessary. Such a raw evening of sharing, vulnerability, and courage. I am thankful to share these moments with a community of men who continue the pursuit of happiness and recovery.

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