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On the Road Again to Support Addiction Recovery in Calgary and Edmonton

Visiting Sunshine Coast Health Center Alumni 7 Years Post-Recovery!

I’m back in the throes of adventures with our alumni and it’s pretty exciting stuff! I was back on the road (literally), driving from Powell River to Edmonton and Calgary. It’s not an easy drive, but it is an absolutely beautiful one.

The Edmonton dinner brought out a few alumni I haven’t seen in years! They are doing well and have been in recovery for the 7+ years since before I even started working for Sunshine Coast Health Centre. What a joy to be around a crowd that continues to fight for life.

I’ve noticed something over the years when I do these events. It seems that my Alberta homies don’t come out in huge droves in late Spring or early fall. I’m not sure if the correlation is that there are people trying to tend to their fields, finish up outside construction or what, but in the dead of winter they come out in full force. Strong Albertans!

It was a good gathering with lots of extra food. So, we did what we needed to do. We built meals with the extras and handed them out to the homeless. It is always hard to see people struggling to live and even more so when they are on the streets. It was a reminder that if each of us did a little bit extra for our communities – it would/could be a better place.

“There is no need for people to go hungry in this day and age.” – Jaymie Bryan

Sunshine Coast Health Centre Working Hard to Battle Hunger, Poverty and Addiction Across Canada

There is no need for people to go hungry in this day and age. The owners and family of Sunshine Coast Health Centre work hard at fighting and combating child poverty and hunger in the local schools. They even started a local organization called “Friends of Powell River”, which donates food, money, clothing, and basically anything else you could think of for kids in our local school district. We do it together as a collective society.

That night in Edmonton, it was nice to experience helping others with a few of our alumni and to be driven home afterwards by a couple of them who were staying together. The relationships and friendships that are built here go way beyond what you could imagine. I enjoyed the catch-up, the extra time to connect a bit more, and the opportunity to laugh a little (A LOT) – especially when you all get lost!

More memories for the memory bank.

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