Sears Taylor, MA

Sears spent one year after TWU working at the Abottsford Addiction Center where he did individual counselling with alcohol and drug addicted clients. he also worked facilitating groups with substance affected family members. He has a passion for helping clients find new meaning in their lives so that they have something more important to them than their former drug of choice.As a military combat veteran he has a warm spot in his heart for veterans and first responders (police and firefighters) suffering from PTSD.

Sears is a man with several past careers. He is a retired Lt Colonel in the US Marine Corps civil engineer with two combat tours in Vietnam. He worked in corporate life in manufacturing and marketing with Mobil Oil, Chemlawn, Marathon Oil, Orkin Pest Control, and Farmers Insurance. He taught science and business in a public high school. He was an adjunct marketing professor with the University of Phoenix for ten years.

He has a BA in psychology, an MBA, and a masters in the art of teaching.
He received a masters in psychological counselling from the Trinity Western University and has been trained in EMDR and OEI. His specialty is trauma. He lives with his wife, Audrey, in Bellingham, WA, USA. He has two sons, five grandchildren, and three Labrador retrievers.