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Spring to Winter in one Fell Swoop

A Beautiful Day

It’s practically summer here. High teen temperatures and sun for days. The Queen of Burnaby ferry is jam packed on this gloriously sunshiny Saturday. How busy? So busy that I just about didn’t make it on; a potential catalyst that would have sent the whole day off course. Thankfully the rest of my day is built for soothe sailings – at least on this side of the country!


Flights and Connectors

Next up… a stop in Edmonton. And then, Toronto, I am yours! There is a copious amount of young men on a school trip boarding the plane. I’m not exaggerating at least half the plane is full of grade 11s. What on earth am I in for?

The stewardess makes the most of this situation with teenage jokes about tardiness, cell phones (“an hour and a half won’t kill you guys”), and other hilarious off-the-cuff remarks. There is laughter from the crowd – literally the whole plane erupts, with whoo’ras and a tonne of enthusiasm from these young men. I feel like I’m part of a “fly team”. Best. Flight. Ever. I’ve never felt so enthusiastic about flying.

Moral of this Story

Spring-to-summer-2The moral of this blog has turned out to be about youthfulness, enthusiasm, team spirit, enjoying quirky situations, and making the most of what you have. That humour goes a long way and take the time to be involved with those around you. It’s the little things that can make your day. A healthy reminder that, “judge not lest ye be judged”.

I found myself clapping, laughing, and feeling that ‘team spirit’ sorta feeling. Who knew a flight could be this fun? I felt surprisingly invigorated. The flight attendant playing around with the boys was absolutely priceless. One of the boys even helped her grab garbage from the plane’s passengers. Well done Westjet, and well done youth of today. I’m going to end this awesome flight story by combining the youth’s favourite sayin’ today: Mike. Drop.


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