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Sober Sports Victoria and Serendipity

If you know me you know I love hockey… Like LOVE HOCKEY! I’m an Oilers fan (let’s just get that outta the way right now) since sports fans care who your ‘TEAM’ is. Anywho, it was time to head to Sober Sports in Victoria, BC. I went to represent and support our new Powell River division, but more importantly the men and women in our addiction recovery community.

It was great to see the guys gearing up (no women at this particular one) and I gave my shout-out – as I knew 2 of the guys. I’m a make my presence known kinda gal… I come by it naturally?! I got hugs right away (my fave). On this particular day, there weren’t many guys. Maybe it was the smokiness or that kids just got back into their routines of school. Who knows. But the guys that were there made up for the lack of people in enthusiasm and they had mad skills!

My husband and son attended with me. There was some humming and hawing about playing, but soon he was needed… how could we let them play with an odd man out? We couldn’t and we wouldn’t. So, with his jeans on, his fancy sneakers, his favourite Leaf’s hat, he dove in like a champ – a proud moment for me. He understands the concept of “taking one for the team”!

These guys played hard. We have been going to Sober Sports Powell River since it started in June and these guys were fantastic to watch! The goaltending seemed to be something off of the tube (him also being another notable Leaf’s fan). The serendipitous part is that another client was walking by with his GF and dog and the client I was chatting with, well they had both attended program 4 years ago and both have been sober since! We took pics, of course.

It was great watching the wheels on them and from what I heard later, there were guys there from SS Victoria’s beginning too! Guys that had never taken up hockey, but decided to give it a try. Their growth, endurance, ability, hockey smarts… I could go on and on… has grown so exponentially and you could just tell in their current game state and skills. What a wonderful feeling and what meaning that they felt safe, supported and encouraged enough to keep going!

That thought sits well with me tonight. That no matter how old you are you can pursue ANYTHING you put your mind to and, more particularly, the people that you surround yourself with while doing it is just as important too. We need those like-minded people in our lives. We are what we surround ourselves with.

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