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Sea-Scapades: More Adventures From our Alumni Manager

It’s Saturday and I have been facilitating the hello and goodbye group here at SCHC for over 4 years now and it never gets dull. It never gets old. What it does, though, is it gets real. There are never two Saturdays the same. Over the years there have been songs written, accolades spoken, candid moments shared, and, as always, love, gratitude, and support. Many of these men share some of their deepest moments together. Digging up the past like a gravedigger. Their stories unfold – sometimes never having been spoken until now.

No one knows it like us. The men who have been through here, they know it. They feel it. I see it. I can’t quite articulate the beauty that unravels at the door when people reach inside themselves and let the truth seep through, let the unburdening begin. The process of healing has only just begun for most – a lifetime mission to continue to pursue their meaning and purpose.

I am on the ferry now, the sun beats on my brow, my earphones on high, the ocean glistening like tiny jewels, and this, this is my sea-scapades. My MacBook, my words, and my feelings. My journey East has just begun. Our clients and alumni mean the world to me. Each holds a tiny piece of my heart. Each one of them deserves the peace I now know. That’s why I fight so hard to continue to support my community. I BELIEVE in them.

It is not always easy, though. The truth is that I hurt a lot. We’ve lost great souls, men gone before their time. I’ve cried a thousand tears over the years… and in that moment I have to remember that there are many currently surviving and living – no death in vain! There is more to do, more to love, and continued hope to bring. Life wasn’t meant to be easy and many of our greatest joys come only after struggle and pain. Take the lesson and move on. And for the love of everything that I know – love more and judge less.

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