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Say Yes and Reap the Rewards

Should I Stay or Should I go

When you say yes, you just never know what might happen. It’s so easy this time of year to just bunker down and wait for spring to arrive. But for those who can fight through their natural tendencies to just kick back in front of the television, there are rewards waiting just around the corner.

Lunch can Wait

My fitness assessments are scheduled right before lunch to avoid overlap with other parts of the program. While other clients are filling their bellies, we are down in the gym. We usually enter to an empty gym, but on this day, there was another client there slamming away on the elliptical machine.

What’s That in the Water

Within a couple of minutes, he piped up when something out on the water caught his eye. With a strong southwest wind filling the straight with whitecaps, I had a hard time locating what he was seeing. Within a minute of watching, we were all treated to a pod of killer whales right out in front of the gym. Witnessing these majestic creatures battle the high seas felt like a reward reserved for those of us picking the gym over the dining room.

Up, Up and Away

A day or two later, we planned to hike Scout Mountain. While there were grumblings about the weather by some, a small group decided to brave the elements and say yes. As we hiked up the steep slope in search of the summit, it appeared that the skies might open and drench us to the bone.

You Just Never Know

However, as we arrived at the lookout, instead of pounding rain, we were treated to beams of sunlight burning through the heavy clouds out over the ocean. It looked as if the heavens had opened and a spotlight was being shone down to remind us that the sun was still up there.

As we stood there and watched, more sun beams powered their way through the thick cloud. Sometimes you just can’t help but be in awe of nature. Since you never know when these type of magical moments might occur, you just have to get in the habit of saying yes.

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