Alcohol Treatment Satisfaction Survey

Sunshine Coast Health Center strives to offer a collaborative, hassle-free experience for clients, their significant others (family members, partners), employers, and referring health professionals. If you have referred a client to Sunshine Coast Health Center, we need your help in understanding how well we have met your expectations. Please take a few minutes to answer the following brief survey:

1-Not true     2-Somewhat true     3-Moderately true     4-Very true     5-Completely true

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I did have worries that there were going to be some major changes for me. I’d been using for so long, I wasn’t sure once I was sober how I was going to have fun on a daily basis. It was difficult to start when I got in, but I also knew that and I needed it. The best part about this place is that it gave me a chance, some hope, and it ultimately saved my life.

- Gary

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