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Reno’s, An Open House, Meet and Greet and Support Meeting

My Toronto travels usually include getting together with different alumni. I was trying to get to a client’s Reno, via train, bus and some walking, but, it probably would have turned into bedlam, so he came and got me. For me, it’s about spending time with the guys when I am in their city. A chance to get caught up and have a one-on-one, no pressure, just support.

This time was no different. His Reno, a historical home in Toronto, was a gut Reno, and so I put a ceremonial screw in one of the floorboards. They told me I was hired, because I did it right, and I told them I used to help my father build homes long ago. It is nice to be in people’s lives fully.

He drove me back to the meet and greet/support meeting. The guys were early, or in fact, I was late. We grappled with that (laughing). Great turnout, and what was most obvious to me, is that these guys continue to pursue vulnerable and real dialogue at these support meetings.

I can’t tell you the last time 4/hrs went by so fast, had so many key sharing points, and never once felt rushed or coerced. They dug deep, they were intimate and vulnerable, they peeled back layers, shed tears; they were open and honest.

So, as the sun started its descent and the 4 hours had passed, we decided to partake in a dinner of friends. We weren’t quite done with the connection, the camaraderie, and most importantly the laughter. That night I left with a full heart, a mind full of life; it is the most glorious part of my trips – the memories that will last a lifetime.

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