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Recovery Support for our Victoria, BC Alumni

recovery support victoria bc

Spring has Sprung

Victoria in March is everything you’d imagine it to be. Cherry trees in full bloom, the pink and white blossoms are sprinkled everywhere. The spring air is crisp, the plants and trees are budding and all is alive. If you have never been to Victoria you’d be quite surprised at all the bunnies that are everywhere! I always find that quite amusing and so does my children. I have two events planned here for our alumni and by the end of it we’ll be launching a new Victoria support meeting for the local alumni!

Union Pacific Coffee Support Meeting

To get a sense of whether or not to bring a support meeting to Victoria I invite everyone from the area. There was a good, but modest turnout. We enjoyed some coffees, lattes, a London fog and some delectable pastries. We had a meeting full of check-ins, feedback and the topic of slips and getting back on track. We also discussed relationships in recovery. We enjoyed ourselves, the support, and before we knew it almost 2 hours had passed us by. Great start!

addiction recovery support victoria bc

Dinner at Earl’s

The Victoria alumni dinner was a great turnout with guys coming as far as Courtney, Nanaimo, and Sooke. Each time I have these dinners they grow and each time it’s a real celebration of recovery. It’s not necessarily for clients who have done perfectly, but about a collaboration, of sorts, of people coming together in recovery. Bringing with them different stories, struggles, slips, and with days or years of sobriety. The common denominator is not necessarily we all have had drug and alcohol issues, but that we have the perseverance and courage to keep fighting the good fight and to live a good life free of addiction. Another trip fulfilled and another SCHC support meeting created.

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