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Recovery & Post Treatment Aftercare in BC

Blue skies, Mountains and Reflections

After fog delayed me most of the morning in Powell River, I’m on my way to the Okanagan. There are clear blue skies in Vancouver and it’s beautiful. The Mountains are snow-kissed and the sun is glistening off of them. My thoughts are with our alumni and creating the best possible recovery care available. It’s a constant revolving door and a constant reminder that after treatment is when the real work begins.

Commitment. Camaraderie. Connectedness.

Another week full of meetings, dinners, and alumni work. As I travel the country trying to equip our network of alumni with resources, support, connectedness, and fellowship, I often think of the quotes “united we stand and divided we fall” and “strength in numbers”. In other words, our aftercare is crucial.

A few things our Program Director, Geoff Thompson, would say are important for recovery include:

Build Positive Relationships

  • Learn to care for the stranger
  • Set boundaries
    Guilt is a huge problem. You cannot connect based on guilt.
  • Develop deeper connection with others
    Relationships become boring if they don’t get more complex over time.

Pursue your Goals

  • Action, action, action
    Knowledge without action is useless.
  • What are your Goals?
    Choose activities that will help you achieve your goal. Volunteer for something that will help you. Take up a hobby that will help you. Join a club that will help you. Are you doing things to present an image of yourself to others?
  • Be the Author of your Goals
    Do your actions match your values? Are you being thrown off course by guilt? Are you being thrown off course because another person really wants you to do something? Do you feel the need to justify yourself? Are you allowing fear to prevent you from pursuing goals?

It’s our connectedness that makes the difference.

My Goal

My goal is to create a solid foundation of support in as many places as we have clientele. For clients in places where we do not have support, there will be other specific resources for them. That we continue to evolve, advance, and provide cutting edge techniques in aftercare. The journey will be sometimes bumpy and there will be learning curves, but it will be purposeful and meaningful. The main goal is connectedness in support and community.

Onwards and Upwards.

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