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Dinner at Terroni’s: Recovery Aftercare in Toronto

addiction recovery torontoGetting Started

There’s no shortage of things to do in the wonderful city of Toronto, but I have people to see and events to facilitate. I took the ‘red eye’ flight so I’m getting to the hotel after midnight, but it’ll be business as usual by Sunday. First point of business is SCHC’s alumni dinner that I’m hosting at a remarkably beautiful, historical old courthouse.

Dinner at Terroni’s

One of our clients picked me up early, and, thankfully, we aren’t the only ones who arrive early. The dinner lasted over 3 hours, yet it didn’t feel that long. We shared amazing food! Lots of glorious authentic Italian eats; most with names I couldn’t pronounce. We shared some super big laughs. The kind of laughs where you see someone else almost choking on their food because they’re laughing so much, and they, in turn, make you laugh harder. Amazing.

drug rehab programs torontoThis was the kind of dinner where you truly feel like family. Where words were inspiring and real, where we celebrated each other’s unique journey in recovery AND in life, and where there was this real sense of togetherness. I left this dinner smiling, reminiscing, laughing, and enjoying some of the new memories we’d made. Recovery isn’t easy, but boy is it worth it! Perhaps the rich history of this building helped feed our night in more ways than one.

A History Lesson on Terroni’s Location

Located at 57 Adelaide Street East, the York County Courthouse was designed and built in 1852 by Cumberland and Ridout, who also built St. James’ Cathedral and many other fine Toronto buildings. The Courthouse was the third to serve the City of Toronto and has been a part of many locally and nationally historic events, including the last public execution and the formation of the Group of Seven.

The structure housed the County Court, the County Treasurer, the Clerk of the Council, the Division Court, the Clerk of the Peace and the Sheriff. Many original facilities of the Courthouse have been preserved to this day with actual jail cells, a magnificent circular staircase, high ceilings, and original brick masonry. I was told by our server that the building was built 15 years before Canada’s Confederation. Classic, awe inspiring, and just plain cool!

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