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The Beginning of a Chef

Quinn said that his cooking career evolved naturally throughout his life. It was something he was good at and something that he loved from the beginning. His cooking career has spanned over 6 years and he has worked at SCHC for 8 months now. He completed his training through Vancouver Island University.

We’re all in it Together at SCHC

Quinn loves the team attitudes at SCHC and how people from all departments pull together when needed. He enjoys the team and family-like atmosphere a lot. Quinn also enjoys the time he gets to spend with clients, finding joy in making a difference in people’s lives. His meaning and purpose is shown through helping nourish ‘souls’ through his food and cooking.

What we Love About Quinn

Quinn always goes above and beyond and the extra mile for anyone. That means more than just the kitchen sometimes. He has a calm and outgoing demeanour and always does what he can to brighten our clients’ days. Through food, hugs, laughter, and by being a good listener, he is truly always there whenever you need him.

Maybe it was Destiny

Since finishing his training at VIU, Quinn always dreamt of working at SCHC. He knew, in his heart, he’d be well suited because of his life experiences and how he could relate to the client base. Through his cooking, he knew he could help people with substance abuse issues.

Final Thoughts

We are truly blessed to have both Quinn and Deb in the kitchen. Both love and heal through their cooking. They are a great team that works in unison like head chefs. Together they keep the clients’ and employees’ bellies full and hearts happy.

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