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Powell River Addiction Recovery Support Meetings

The Rose Colored Chair

It begins with the rose-colored chair and I. Sitting, rocking, and waiting for our Powell River Alumni to join our recovery support meeting held in town. It’s that perfect kind of chair. You know the one that’s “just right”? Ya, that story.

Celebrating Geography

We celebrate, congregate, and facilitate for our hometown crowd. Perhaps we don’t celebrate the technicality of legitimate geography like our social studies teacher would have liked, but we celebrate the fact that we have each other in this small west coast town.

The Pilgrimage

Believe it or not, we have a bustling SCHC crowd who’ve stayed in Powell River since finishing addiction treatment with us. Many trekked through the Alberta Rockies and some just wanted to escape the concrete jungles of Vancouver or Toronto. The call of the local west coast life beckoned some, while our facility’s close proximity spoke to others.

We Are Family

The boys are starting to stream in as I write this. Their big smiles and open arms (for big hugs!) reassure me that it’s like family here for them – for us. In essence, this rose-colored chair is like stable rocking chair found in a cherished family member’s home. Sturdy, durable, memorable, and dependable. It’s there when you need it and forever engrained in our memory.

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