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Our Professionals Across Canada

Professional Coaches and Therapists

It’s the wave of a new era. There are so many benefits of professionally-facilitated meetings that we have decided to go with providing coaches and therapists at our SCHC Support Meetings. The new wave is to have ALL future and existing support meetings to be facilitated by professionals.

Where we are

We have some great men and women on our team now! We have Jeffrey Halliday from Wisdom Tree Projects in Toronto. We have Nicole from Coach With Nicole. We have Greg Teha from Edmonton, and Byron Miki in Kelowna. Our Psychologists include Judith Kerr in Victoria, Sears Taylor in Langley and our newest member in Saskatoon, Katherine Harriman. It’s truly a beautiful group to be a part of. All of them adding their special strengths and flavours to our support meetings with the opportunity for our clients to have one-on-ones if they are wanted.

Where we are Going

There is a lot on the horizon. We are slowly transitioning from peer-facilitated meetings to professionally facilitated meetings. We have 10 groups across Canada, but hope to expand next year into more places in BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario with the possibility of an East Coast meeting. We will continue to grow and provide these services for our clients.

It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of – being in recovery myself knowing that there is this support out there for our clients makes me so proud. It’s about living a good life with good support.

The post-treatment support will continue well into any of our clients’ recovery and life.

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