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Our One of a Kind Patricia Theatre

We took the guys to see the new Star Wars last week. The show itself produced varying reviews from epic to average. However, when it came to a review of the theatre itself, the unanimous response was that it was one of a kind.

The Historic Patricia Theatre’s claim to fame is that it is the longest continuously running theatre in Canada. Like many other claims that Powell Riverites make, it is hard to believe and perhaps more folklore than truth, but we claim it proudly regardless.

As we approached the ticket booth, the old world charm manifested itself in a sign saying “Cash only”. But, since admission was only six bucks, we weren’t in any position to argue. Upon arriving inside, the lineup for popcorn and snacks was lengthy. However, with welcoming staff and fellow movie goers, what might normally have been a nuisance, turned into chit chatting with others in line and shared exuberance for the upcoming cinematic adventure.

Snacks in hand, we wandered into the main hall of the theatre. An area had been sectioned off for us. As we took our seats, the group took in their surroundings. There were intricate murals on the walls and refurbished architecture that spoke of a different era. This was no Cineplex Odeon. The lights dimmed and the newly updated sound system boomed into action. Here we go!

A little over 140 minutes later, the show concluded. As the final credits rolled and we headed for the exits, guys left with butter-coated fingers, sore lower backs, and a movie going experience they are unlikely to find anywhere else. Like I said, apparently it’s been named the best movie theatre in Canada. 😉

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