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Our First Alumni Dinner in Winnipeg!

 Pick Up at the Airport

I was lucky enough to have a client pick me up at the Winnipeg airport. As I head down the escalator, I see him and he greets me with a huge smile. At the bottom of the escalator, I can tell there’s a big hug waiting. This equals – awesome! He left us mid-December and is still doing very well in his recovery. I’m super proud of him.

A Mini Tour of Winnipeg

addiction aftercare winnipegWe had time to spare, so we dropped off my luggage at my hotel, which was right next door to the airport. Convenient in this case. J and I went to The Forks, a historic site/meeting place/green space in Downtown Winnipeg located where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet. We drove into more historical parts of town after and I was awestruck. So much rich history with beautiful architecture, brick masonry, massive archways, and pillars. Way to go Winnipeg.

Dinner at Bailey’s

Well it turned out to be a smaller group as we had 4 no shows, which does happen. But for our first dinner, that’s pretty good. The 8 of us shared stories of SCHC, reminiscing back to the times when they were there. As usual, there were great stories about our water volleyball, the fishing charters, Davis (our massage therapist), Geoff’s talks on the brain, art class, and much more. I was overjoyed that there was so much laughter in the room. It was as if we’d known each other for years.

Winnipeg Alumni

Winnipeg addiction treatmentNone of our alumni at dinner had met each other while at SCHC. Some of them had only missed each other by a month. The guys discussed meeting up again, talked about resources in their community, shared numbers, and promised to stay in touch with one another. We’re working towards a SCHC support meeting in Winnipeg once there is enough interest and motivation. For now, all-in-all it was a great evening, as always.

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