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My First Saskatchewan Trip!

The Long way

I wish I had a parachute. Why? Because my flight from Toronto had to go to Calgary to get me to Saskatoon. I totally would’ve jumped. Ha ha.

It was another wonderful flight – flying across this beautiful country of ours always fills me with gratitude. Best Country in the world and we live here!


I’ve never been here before, but as we swooped into to land, I clearly see why people live here. A river valley surrounded by trees and leaves kissed by fall. In the distance were fields on fields. Being a Prairie girl, I will always have a special place in my heart for long hours on those fields and the hard work and sacrifice it takes to be a farmer.

Meeting an old Alumni

I’ve worked at the Centre almost 6 years, and I’ve known some of our clients that long. One of those clients picked me up at the airport. It was great and it felt like no time had passed! Those relationships truly are the best. I was thrilled to meet his family. His wife and young child joined in on some lunch and it was wonderful. I love meeting clients and their families as often as I can.

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