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Inspiration in Edmonton

Canadian Travels and Canadian Tunes

Imagine this – I’m making my way through security and I hear this soft soothing sound of lyric and guitar. Am I losing my mind? Thankfully no, no I’m not. I continue to search for the source of this epic sound – eager to get through security. Low and behold it is a lone artist strumming his guitar and singing his songs. I make my way to the closest bench near him at the Edmonton International Airport and realize that, “hey, these tunes will be a perfect backdrop to write some blogs!”

Creative Juice

edmonton alcohol treatmentThis is a first – a live musician in the midst of a ‘rush hour’ airport, overhead announcements clicking on and off, and people bustling everywhere – he’s phenomenal. He’s captivated an audience in almost all of us. I pull out my phone and let his talent feed my talent – excited! The man sitting next to me gives me that “all knowing nod in mutual agreement”.

Music Feeds the Soul

You know that feeling you get when you hear that certain kind of music? Well, let me tell you I’m honestly swept away with feelings of nostalgia. feelings that evoke a certain sense of self, and an appreciation that I’m blessed to be able to help out others in my work and in my life. It’s in his music and it pierces through my soul.

The Power of the People

His music provokes a deep reflection of my trip and what I see or feel is this giant wave of strength. I visualize that we are all holding each other up, that we are all joined by this amazing power of solidarity and brotherhood – hand in hand. No one left behind. I’m reminded of the very important and lifesaving work we at SCHC are providing. But it’s MUCH MORE than a service. At the essence of it is love and it’s beautiful to be a part of!

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