How Injuries can Lead to all Around Growth

Pushing the Envelope

For as long as I can remember, injuries have been a part of my life. Train, compete, injure, rehabilitation: this has been the cycle since I’ve been 12. While some might call me injury prone, I choose to see myself as someone who pushes past the perceived limit of what my body can do and who’s always asking for just a little more throttle. Sometimes my body says no, but I would rather risk injury than risk nothing at all. Whatever the case, perhaps my athletic background and laundry list of injuries whilst competing and training have uniquely prepared me for the job I currently have. An addiction, as demoralizing as it can be, is yet another opportunity for personal growth and to strengthen body, mind, and spirit to levels never before seen.

Treacherous Waters

In the field of substance abuse treatment, injuries are a common precursor to people descending into darkness. When you combine the physical pain, the emotional turmoil, and the psychological detriment, it can be the ultimate powder keg ready to explode into addiction. Through my own personal experience, it is an easy leap to make seeing how so many well-intentioned folks are caught up in this undertow and simply cannot escape on their own.

Fitness is Fundamental

Everyday, when I encounter clients ready to embark on the health and fitness program here at SCHC, I explain the biopsychosocial importance of leading healthy and vibrant lives. Movement is one of the great freedoms and joys in this life. Without it, we lose our autonomy and brains, and our bodies no longer work as designed. We are well aware of the physiological benefits of exercise and physical activity, but is does far more than that. It is one of the best treatment or preventative medicine for anxiety, depression, lethargy, cognitive struggles, mood swings, ADHD, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Let me be clear, I say it is one the best because it has almost no negative side effects, it is relatively cheap, and it allows us to lead lives full of passion and vibrancy. Name something else that can claim the same thing.

Back on the Horse

I am currently battling knee bursitis. I have been suffering with it for over a month now. It has had a real impact on all areas of my life. I have been short tempered, fog-headed, tired, emotionally unstable, and generally just not myself. However, in the past two weeks, I have forced myself to rise to the occasion and find tangible ways to be proactive and move forward with the business of coming back better and stronger.

AGB – Always Getting Better!

All types of suffering are, ultimately, an opportunity to test oneself and figure out a way to overcome. While my challenge may be relatively small in comparison to the struggles our clients are dealing with, the formula is the same. Assess the problem, make a plan, execute the plan with patience and determination, and move forward stronger and battle-hardened for whatever else life may throw in your way.

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