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The Road Once Traveled – The Full Circle

Sometimes when on the road, I run into some really ‘real’ moments. I had just finished coffee with a client in Edmonton and we were on our way to drop him off at home. There was a van stopped in the middle of a green light with a woman looking under the hood distressfully. I drove by, but then realized that she may not have a phone, nor any idea what to do. So I pulled over, asked her to put her hazards on and we began talking. It really wasn’t long before I realized she was under the influence.

After some talking, we came to the conclusion that she probably ran out of gas. The three of us pushed her van as far off to the side as we could. I asked her if she had a jerry can or some money for gas and she said no. I told her I’d be right back with some gas.

I left her and I felt this super sinking feeling inside of me. I’ve been her. I’ve been here before. My heart ached.

As I got back to the van she was huddled inside her car. I put the gas in her tank and asked her to try it – it worked. I started walking back to my car when I thought I should ask her if she needs a ride? She didn’t even hesitate, jumped over to the next seat, and said ‘YES PLEASE!”

I drove her home and we talked. We talked about addiction and what it does to us, our families and our children. I told her it can and will get better – it’s SO WORTH IT!

That moment really brought me back to a place I haven’t visited in a long time. To remember the person I once was and the struggles. Those struggles were so real. This fateful day gave me a chance to spread some hope and love to someone… maybe I felt that I was helping someone perhaps myself long ago.

It also helped me appreciate the life I have, the life I worked hard for. It was a real moment of clarity for me to continue down the path I am on.

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