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Health and Fitness: How I See My Role at SCHC

Whenever I get asked “What do you do?”, I smile, as I view it as not only an opportunity to promote our facility, but also the chance to educate the general public about what our evidence-based and progressive approach to addiction treatment looks like. I know that what will follow in the conversation is an opportunity to diffuse misconceptions and correct misinformation that has been propagated through the images we see in the media and sway popular opinion on the issue.

Despite the honest and dedicated efforts of many within the field, addiction and the subsequent impacts is one of the largest social issues of our time. Of course, addiction does not exist in a vacuum. It is multi-faceted and frequently the net result of co-occurring disorders or conditions. More often than not, addiction results from an attempt to deal with some sort of pain, emptiness, hurt, or loneliness.

Of course, we all deal with these symptoms of the human condition to differently and not everyone develops addiction issues. But many do. Whether people are hoping to feel something, or feel nothing at all, prescription meds, illegal drugs, and alcohol often become leaned on heavily. Unfortunately, these only temporarily fix the symptoms that result from living a life devoid of meaning and purpose.

My role at SCHC is the Health and Fitness Supervisor. In general terms, it is my role to guide and facilitate clients as they re-discover or re-ignite a passion for living healthy, vibrant lives. It is a fantastic job!!! Diverse, rewarding, challenging, exciting, and just down right AWESOME!

Now that we are on the same page, check out my blog next week to learn exactly why we at SCHC think personal meaning and purpose is so important, and how we go about making it happen.

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