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Hands-on Support in Kelowna

Waking up in the Okanagan

I wake up in Kelowna on a warm, June morning. Today is also the Summer Solstice. Today’s agenda is a day on the run and I love it! There’s breakfast meetings, work-related shopping, and an afternoon walk with an alumni before the alumni dinner. Dinner was at Basil and Mint and, as usual, we have about 14 alumni enjoy dinner shenanigans.

Helping Hand

As we charge through dinner, I can tell one of our guys is struggling. We’d been chatting often the last month or so about the struggle and getting out of the darkness. We made plans to reconnect after the dinner. As dinner finished there were lots of hugs and the “talk to you soon”. Now it was time to help a brother out.

Talking, Driving and Surviving

Kelowna addiction recoveryOur talk was real, personal, heartfelt, heartbroken, truthful and forthright. We shared some laughs, too. We built up a bit of a plan and then I asked the magic question, “do you have anything at home?” His reply, “ya, yeah, I do.” He asked me if I’d drive up with him and grab it and dispose of it. I said of course. So, under the full moon we traveled through the city and the Kelowna hills.

There was no question in my mind on what I had to do. He gave me a bag full of pills and we didn’t dump them on the side of the road like he wanted to. Instead, I took them into the pharmacy first thing the next morning. I talked to him yesterday (10 days later) and he thanked me, saying “I feel better, I feel happy. I would have done those pills if you hadn’t taken them.”

These are the times that push me to pursue with the helping hands, to battle with our clients to overcome their demons. It is times like these that reiterate that what we are doing is helping our community in more ways than one.

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