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Goodbye Summer, Hello Travel

Summer is Over – now What?

Now is the time to get the suitcase out, get my travel arrangements together, finalize dinners/meetings, and rally the troops. I have enjoyed what seemed like the fastest summer ever, and now I’m excited to reconnect with our guys.

Fields of Glory

Gazing out the window of my Westjet flight I’m entrenched with the beauty of Canada, particularly the prairies right now. The men are at work below, the fields are getting the combine special, and the fields lines are that of a master painter – perfect and completely symmetrical. It reminds me of the hard work that it takes to get the full yield of a bountiful crop – a relation to anything in life. What you put in, you get out… minus the erratic behavior of mother nature. Such a beautiful sight.

Flight of Fancy

Well, here I am writing this awesome blog (ha ha), preparing for a week of non-stop action with clients, meeting our new support facilitator in Toronto, hosting a new event in Saskatoon, and just being present with anyone who crosses my path. This flight is almost empty – 3 whole seats to myself and it’s like that little, “thanks universe for letting me feel like I’m on private jet.” Feeling special. Feeling alive. Glad to get back on the road of recovery spreading the love and support our community needs and deserves.

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