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First Time Back – Kelowna Tribute

So, I’m boarding a plane at the YYZ and I’m now really thinking about the absence of a truly amazing man and alumni.

I attended his funeral this April and this is the first Kelowna alumni dinner and events without him. It’s strange.

He left far too soon. He left behind a loving wife, kids and grandkids, family, friends, and his recovery community. His loss is felt throughout the SCHC band of brothers. He was present and participated in it all. He was successful and now he’s gone.

He was quite often the gentlemen who picked me up from the airport, or drove me back from a meeting – he was always there. Talking about life, sharing stories, and laughing. Lots of laughing.

He once told me the ‘Queen Bee’ should never have to take a taxi. That’s what kind of guy he was – special beyond words and always kind.

I will share time, hugs and I’m sure tears with his wife when I’m down there. We will toast coffees to his efforts and to him tonight at our dinner.

Bittersweet sometimes, but I was blessed to find such a good friend in him and will continue on my friendship with his wife.

Long live the legacy D.

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