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Family Intervention: Getting Help for a Loved One Who Won’t Stop Using Drugs or Alcohol

At Sunshine Coast Health Centre, we often get calls from family members who are looking for help for a loved one. The only problem is the loved one often doesn’t want to get help, so they call us to see what we suggest.

In response to this need from families, we have created a brochure called the family intervention which explains the options for families that are dealing with loved ones typically with drug or alcohol problems. This may also apply to people with gambling addictions eating disorders or sexual addictions.

Some of the things that we talk about in this brochure are how to distinguish between substance use and addiction and also the steps involved in a family intervention. One of the things that we often suggest for people who are looking for help for a loved one is to join with other family members, friends, even employers. Everyone can work as a group rather than trying to do this individually. As we say in the brochure, there is strength in numbers. The other thing that we talk about in the brochure is that nagging, pleading, and other forms of trying to coax somebody into treatment are often not very productive. There are other ways to deal with this issue and in this brochure, we cover these as well as other common concerns.

We also provide a list of family interventionists in Canada that we recommend and have experience working with. Family interventions often has the emotional detachment that family members don’t always possess.

One other thing that we cover in the brochure is online and printed resources that you can access to help educate yourself on this very important decision that you make.

We hope that you find the brochure useful. If you have any questions or need support, call us toll-free at 1.866.487.9010 or visit www.sunshinecoasthealthcentre.ca

Editor’s Note. Remember, if you are looking for one of the best drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs in Canada, Sunshine Coast Health Centre offers a top-notch rehab program in Powell River, BC. Many clients come to us not only from Vancouver or Victoria but from cities as diverse as those in nearby Alberta such as Edmonton or Calgary but even from more Eastern regions of Canada such as Toronto, Ontario. Our methodology is a non-12 step. If you are interested, please reach out for a confidential consultation.

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