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Directory of Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

Montreal Rehab | Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehabilitation Programs, Montreal, QC
Get private addiction treatment & detox
help is close at hand. Check out our alcohol treatment & drug rehab directory below which includes government and private addiction services.


For more information on outpatient services in Montreal see Centre Dollard-Cormier-University Institute on Addictions and Pavillon Foster.

Adult Outpatient – Montreal

Centre Dollard-Cormier-University Institute on Addictions
950, rue de Louvain Est
Montreal, QC H2M 2E8
Phone: (514) 385-1232

Courthouse Location
Centre Dollard-Cormier-University Institute on Addictions
1 Notre-Dame East
Montreal, QC H2Y 1B6
Phone: (514) 392-1232

Griffith Edwards House
McGill University Health Centre
1547 Pine Avenue West
Montreal, QC H3G 1B3
Phone: (514) 934-8311
Note: located near the Montreal General Hospital. For adults 18 years of age or more. Consists of inpatient and outpatient services. Also offers medical detoxification that is conducted on the inpatient psychiatry unit at the Montreal General Hospital

Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital – Service hospital liaison
Centre Dollard-Cormier-University Institute on Addictions
5305, boul. Assumption, Suite 3102
Montreal, QC
Phone: (514) 252-3400 ext 5802

Notre-Dame Hospital – Service hospital liaison
Centre Dollard-Cormier-University Institute on Addictions
1560 Sherbrooke East
Montreal, QC H2L 4M1
Phone: (514) 890-8000 ext 26205

Ontario Location
Centre Dollard-Cormier-University Institute on Addictions
923, rue Ontario Est
Montreal, QC H2L 1P6
Phone: (514) 525-1232

Pointe-de-l’Île Location
Centre Dollard-Cormier-University Institute on Addictions
13926, rue Notre-Dame East
Montreal, QC H1E 1T5
Phone: (514) 642-4050

Prince Arthur Location
Centre Dollard-Cormier-University Institute on Addictions
110, Rue Prince Arthur West
Montreal, QC H2X 1S7
Phone: (514) 288-1232

St-Urbain Location
Centre Dollard-Cormier-University Institute on Addictions
3530, rue St-Urbain
Montréal, QC H2X 2N7
Phone: (514) 982-1232

Le Grand Chemin – Montreal
7070, boulevard Perras
Montréal, QC H1E 1A4
Phone: (514) 381-1218

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Outpatient Services
Pavillon Foster
3285 Cavendish Blvd., Suite 100
Montreal, QC H4B 2L9
Phone: (514) 486-1304
Toll-free: 1(866) 851-2255
Note: Clients living on the island of Montreal are seen at our main Notre-Dame-de-Grâce facility where the full continuum of services is offered. Services are also available in the offices of our CSSS partners in Kirkland and St-Leonard.

Youth Outpatient – Montreal

Head & Hands
5833 Sherbrooke Ouest
Montreal, QC H4A 3P5
Phone: (514) 481-0277
Note: a program for youth.

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Outpatient Services
Pavillon Foster
3285 Cavendish Blvd., Suite 100
Montreal (Quebec)   H4B 2L9
Tel.: (514) 486-1304
Fax: (514) 486-2831
Toll free number 1 866 851-2255
Note: The Youth program offers outpatient services only and serves adolescents ages 12 to 17 who reside in the Montreal, Montérégie and Laval regions. Though the program is primarily school-based, services are also provided to adolescents served by the youth protection network.

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Please note for private practice addiction therapists located in nearby municipalities such as Saint-Leonard, Sainte-Therese, Westmount and other parts of Quebec please visit the Quebec outpatient section of .

Bennett, Paula – Ph.D.
Montreal Psychology Center
2100 Marlowe, Suite 626
Montreal, QC H4A 3L5
Phone: (514) 482-3327
Note: Dr. Bennett is a licensed clinical psychologist/therapist and a member of the Order of Quebec Psychologists. Her research has focused on understanding the thinking processes of infants. Dr. Bennett’s specialty in treating adult anxiety and depression was developed while working as a therapist at the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Clinic affiliated with The Montreal General Hospital. Speaks English & French.

Boucher, Sylvie – Ph.D.
4082, rue Marcil
Montréal, QC H4A 2Z6
Phone: (514) 481-1379
Note: Speaks English and French.

Boudreault, Marie-France – Ph.D.
3550 Côte-des-Neiges, Suite 150
Montréal, QC H3H 1V4
Phone: (514) 939-0593
Note: Specializes in gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender clients. Speaks English and French.

Brunet, Alain – Ph.D.
Institut Universitaire en santé mentale Douglas
6875 La Salle,
Montréal, QC H4H 1R3
Phone: (514) 762-3048 x 4348
Note: Speaks English and French.

Caplan, Tom – MS, MA, MSW, ICADC, AAMFT
5845 Cote Des Neiges #440
Montreal, QC H2S 1Z4
Phone: (514) 737-7208

Cegielka, Anna – MSW
Queen Elisabeth Health Complex
2100 Avenue De Marlowe, Suite 634
Montreal, QC H4A 3L5
Phone: (514) 600-0233 or 697-7472

Choquette, Denise – M.A.
Denise Choquette & Assoc.
9457 Millen
Montréal, QC H2M 1X1
Phone: (514) 383-3452
Note: Treats trauma, addiction and other disorders. Speaks French and English.

Durst, Adrienne – MA, ATPQ, RMFT
5708 Monkland Ave.
Montreal, QC H4A 1E6
Phone: (514) 928-9927
Note: Specializes in youth at risk, i.e; ADHD, Oppostional Defiant Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Self-Harm, Truancy, Delinquancy, Self-Esteem, Relationship Issues.

Galina, Harry Z. – MA, Ph.D.
6525 Decarie, Suite 322
Montreal, QC H3W 3E3
Phone: (514) 344-0074 Ext. 3
E-Mail: harry harry.htm

Georgescu, Michaela – Ph.D.
5465 Queen Mary Road
Montreal, QC H3X 1V5
Phone: (514) 400-9355

Glazer, Beverley – MA, CCC, ICADC, ICCAC
Queen Elizabeth Health Complex
2100 Marlowe, #320
Montreal, QC H4A 3L5
Phone: (514) 288-1891

Grant, Katrina, MSW, CCC
Loc.1: 634 – 2100 Marlowe
Montreal, QC H4A 3L5
Loc.2: 103 – 186 Sutton Pl.
Beaconsfield, QC H9W 5S3
Phone: (514) 917-6247
Note: has expertise in addiction and concurrent disorders.

Green, Rachel – Ph.D.
Motivational Interviewing Montreal
4112 Ste-Catherine St. W
Westmount, QC H3Z 1P2
Phone: (438) 878-0504
Note: Dr. Ward has been with people who have substance misuse issues since 2006 and uses Motivational Interviewing as her primary therapeutic approach to change.

Hansen, Owen – M.Ed.
2100 Marlowe, Suite 404
Montreal, QC H4A 3L5
Phone: (514) 400-2524

Kajzer, Branko – MA, CCC, Art Psychotherapy
1851 St. Catherine Suite 200
Montréal, QC H3H 1M2
Phone: (514) 886-9901
Note: Treats  all ages; transitions; addictions, couples, individuals and groups, conjugal/domestic violence, psychosis. Speaks English, Serbian, Bosnian , and Croatian.

Kalman, Linda Joy – MA, MSW, PSW
13189 Sunbury
Montreal, QC H9A 1E5
Phone: (519) 592-0643

Kerr, Judith – M.Ed, RCC
1080 Meares Street
Victoria, BC V8V 3J6
Phone: (250) 208-1187
Note: With an extensive background in trauma-informed individual and couples counselling, Judith is deeply committed to a meaning-based approach to her coaching and counselling practice. This former SCHC psychotherapist brings over twenty-five years of training and experience to her work. Her gentle, yet focused connection with clients provides a grounded framework of powerful acceptance for oneself.

Lachance, Luc – M.Ps.
2602 Workman
Montréal, QC H3J 2S7
Phone: (514) 933-2903
E-Mail: QC.

Léveillée, Suzanne – Ph.D.
485 Boul. St.Joseph Est.
Montréal, QC H2T 1G9
Phone: (819) 376-5011 ext. 3519

McCabe, Kathy C. – MSW
4150 Sherbrooke St. West, Suite 210
Montreal, QC H3Z 1C3
Phone: (514) 486-1116
Note: problems addressed include depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, separation and divorce, blended families, bereavement, physical and sexual abuse, substance abuse and child management.

Mew, Alyssa – MSW
Blake Psychology
#1700 – 2001 University Street
Montreal, QC H3A 2A6
Phone: (514) 312-1744
Note: She focuses on addiction, depression, anxiety and interpersonal problems. Also has experience in eating disorders, panic attacks, anger management, esteem and confidence, OCD, and shyness. She uses an integrative approach and evidence-based practices including CBT and DBT. She works with children and adults, individuals, couples, and families. Speaks English and French.

Morris, Eric – Ph.D.
2100 Marlowe, Suite 607
Montreal, QC H4A 3L5
Phone: (514) 258-2068
Note: Dr. Morris has extensive experience on substance abuse treatment, along with the treatment of borderline personality and binge eating issues.

Newman, Eva C.M. – M.Ed.
2100 Marlowe, Suite 628
Montreal, QC H4A 3L5
Phone: (514) 808-6876
Note: has extensive experience with twelve-step programs, addiction and dependency recovery, emotional eating, and sexual disorders.

Petraglia, Jonathan – MA, OPQ
500 Boul Gouin Est., Suite 300A
Montreal, QC H3L 3R9
Phone: (514) 293-7119

Phelps, Jason – MSW
Nicolet Psychotherapy Clinic
2050 Nicolet
Montreal, QC H1W 3L2
Phone: (514) 586-5471

Pihl, Robert – Ph.D.
225 Bedbrook Ave.
Montréal, QC H4X 1S2
Phone: (514) 482-5167

Poiré, Jean – M.Ps.
2120, rue Sherbrooke est, bureau 201
Montréal, QC H2K 1C3
Phone: (514) 483-3938

Poitras, Linda – M.A.Ps.
1150 boul. St-Joseph Est, Bureau 304
Montréal, QC H2J 1L5
Phone: (514) 521-8675

Rapoport, Richard D.
Phone: (514) 378-1836
Pager: (514) 230-7292

Rebic, Toni – MA

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Montreal Withdrawal Management Services (Detox)

Centre Dollard-Cormier
950, rue de Louvain Est
Montréal, QC H2M 2E8
Phone: (514) 385-0046
Fax: (514) 385-5728

Clinique de médecine des toxicomanies
CHUM – Pavillon Saint-Luc
264, boul. René-Lévesque Est, 10e étage
Montréal, QC H2X 1P1
Phone: (514) 890-8321
Note: This a medical detox service for adults 18+. Clients can self-refer and detoxification is done by appointment

Clinique du Nouveau Départ inc.
1110 Beaumont ave
Ville Mont-Royal, QC H3P 3E5
Phone: (514) 521-9023
Toll-free: 1(888) 488-2611
Fax: (514) 521-1928
Note: This clinic provides medical detoxification.

The Addictions Unit
Griffiths Edwards Centre
1547 Pine Ave. W.
Montréal, QC H3G 1B3
Phone: (514) 934-8311
Fax: (514) 934-8262
Note: This is a 4 bed medical detox unit for adults 18+.

Service de toxicomanie, Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal
Pavillon Saint-Luc
1058, rue St-Denis
Montréal, QC H2X 3J4
Phone: (514) 890-8321
Note: This is a medical detox unit for men and women 18+. Clients can self-refer; an appointment is necessary.

4858, boul. Gouin Est
North Montréal, QC H1G 1A2
Phone: (514) 327-6017
Fax: (514) 327-7494
Note: Social detoxification service for men and women 18+. Does not support opiate withdrawal. Please call to determine suitability.

Montreal Methadone Maintenance Therapy

Methadone Clinic
Jewish General Hospital
3755, Chemin de la Cote-Sainte-Catherine
Montreal, QC H3T 1E2
Phone: (514) 340-8242

Projet de recherche NAOMI
110, rue Prince-Arthur Ouest
Montréal QC H2X 1S7
Phone: (514)849-6491

Relais Methadone
1015 Suite Catherine East
Montreal Est, QC H1A 0A1
Phone: (514) 847-9300

Services cliniques réguliers
110, rue Prince-Arthur Ouest
Montréal QC H2X 1S7
Phone: (514)527-6939

Service d’appui pour la méthadone (SAM)
110, rue Prince-Arthur Ouest
Montréal QC H2X 1S7
Phone: (514)284-3426
Toll-free: 1(866)726-2343

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Al-Anon/Alateen Montreal
Service Local D’Information De Montreal et de sa Banlieue
C.P. Marquette # 37322
Montréal QC H2E 3B5

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA Montreal
Phone: (514) 350-3444
Note: For English-speaking AA meetings list for Montreal and Area.

Cocaine Anonymous Quebec Area
1945 rue Papineau
Montréal QC H2K 4J3
Phone: (514)527-9999

Narcotics Anonymous

English Area of Narcotics Anonymous
Phone: (514) 249-0555
Toll-Free: 1(800) 879-0333
Note: for Montreal, Pointe-aux-Trembles, St.-Leonard, Tetreauville, and Montreal North.

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Montreal – Adult Primary Treatment

4387 Esplanade
Montreal, QC H2W 1T3
Phone: (514) 940-0389
Toll-Free: 1(855) 940-0389
Fax: (514) 940-0388
Note: Fee for service co-ed non 12step evidence based treatment for adults 18+. Residential and intensive outpatient addiction and mental health treatment program. Integrated psychiatric services. Program length is 28-42days. Program is offered in both English and French. Clients can self-refer.

Bonsecours Inc.
11130, boulevard Pie IX
Montreal, QC H1H 4B5
Phone: (514) 935-8882
Note: 30 bed facility for men 25 and older. Program length is 18 to 90 days.

Chatsworth Pavilion
5764 Monkland Avenue, Suite #3
Montreal, QC H4A 1E9
Toll-free: 1(866) 931-2999
Note: Chatsworth is a co-ed private-pay facility for adults. Length of stay is 22 days.

Hi Army Booth Centre – Anchor/Delta
880, rue Guy
Montreal, QC H3J 1T4
Phone: (514) 932-2214
Note: program for men 18 years and over. Capacity is 30 beds and program length is 3 months.

L’Escale Notre Dame
1475, Morgan Avenue
Montreal, QC H1V 2P6
Phone: (514) 251-0805
Note: A program for men 18 to 35 years of age. Capacity is 15 people and program duration is 14 weeks.

Andy’s House
Montreal, PQ H3X 1G4
Toll-free: 1(844) 689-2639
Phone: (514) 738-2639
Note: A private residential treatment facility for men and women ages 18 and over. The program is 90 days.

Maison Jean Lapointe
111, rue Normand
Montreal, QC H2Y 2K6
Phone: (514) 288-2611
Note: program for men and women 18 years and over. Capacity is 47 beds and program length is 21 to 28 days.

Pavillon Foster
6 Foucreault Street
St-Philippe-de-Laprairie, Quebec J0L 2K0
Phone: (450) 659-8911
Note: provides inpatient treatment for adults with substance abuse and pathological gambling problems at its St-Philippe-de-Laprairie residence. This twenty-bed facility offers medically assisted detoxification services and up to six weeks of intensive rehabilitation.

Montreal – Adult Support Recovery – Faith-based

Exodus – Gamelin Pavilion
4290, Sainte-Emilie
Montreal, QC H4C 2A5
Phone: (514) 255-3468
Note: program for men and women 18 years and over. Capacity is 14 beds. Emergency lodgings only (maximum 14 days).

Exodus – Pavillon Andre-Dumont
2590, rue Letourneux
Montreal, QC H1V 2P4
Phone: (514) 255-7727
Note: program for men and women 18 years of age and older. Program capacity is 15 beds and program length is minimum 3 months.

House of Pharillon
4901, rue Adam
Montreal, QC H1W 1W2
Phone: (514) 254-8560
Note: a program for men 18 to 30 years of age. Capacity is 18 people and program duration is 14 weeks.

Residences Mission Bon Accueil
606, Rue De Courcelles
Montreal, QC H4C 3L5
Phone: (514) 523-5288
Note: a program for men 18 years and over. Capacity is 58 beds. Program is 1 year long with an additional 2 years reintegration as needed.

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Montreal – Youth Primary Treatment

Le Grand Chemin Inc.
7070, boulevard Perras
Montreal, QC H1E 1A4
Phone: (514) 381-1218
Note: program for youth 12 to 17 years of age. Capacity is 12 beds and program length is 8 to 10 weeks.

Portage West Island
141 Elm Avenue
Beaconsfield, QC H9W 2E1
Phone: (514) 694-9894
Note: adolescent program for you 14 to 18 years of age. Services available in English and French.

Montreal Highlights (2004) highlights drug prevalence, enforcement, rehabilitation, mortality, and communicable disease. Canadian Community Epidemiology Network on Drug Use (CCENDU).

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The whole meaning and purpose approach really clicked with me and I could really identify with something missing in my life, so I felt, even before I got here, that it was a program that would definitely have something to offer and help me with the things I was dealing with.

- Rick

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