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Different Shades Of Beauty: Diaries of the Traveller

It was the first time I had ever been ‘really’ delayed in an airport that consisted of ‘hours’.

Ya, I know. Poor me. Right. Says the copious amounts of world travellers. Heavy eye rolls at the very mention of hours when indeed it could have been days.

So, there I was. Observing. I watched the people. All types. I took note of the many shades of skin, the subtle or not so subtle way people expressed themselves or their faith. I found it beautiful – this mash-up and ever unique expression called Canada. The freedom. How glorious I felt at that exact moment.

We are this patchwork quilt as I like to call it. I like that I was raised to not judge nationalities, but rather our merits as individuals, and to treat everyone as equals.

I saw so many beautiful shades today. Thankful that we can be who we are (for the most part), I just wish that the world could see each other like this. Or that people, more importantly, don’t feel judged. We need to be more curious as people, less fearful, ask questions, make conversations. The world is all around you… it is at every doorway that you open yourself up to.

The city airports and the big city themselves open up such a mosaic of culture for me – there is beauty here in our differences.

Another favourite quote is, “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

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