Days of Days – Kelowna Part 3

I jumped into the familiar truck and we drove to a park bench. On that park bench, we shared tears and grief. I sat with a now widow and it was meeting her where she was at. Holding hands and talking.

Loss is explained by loss. No other words are suitable at this time. 3 hours flew by and off we went, but we will stay connected. We shared tears, memories, but mostly I just listened and loved.

It was straight out from one vehicle into the next. A long-time Alumn who always meets up for coffee. He continues to fight the good fight and so much more. Hopefully busting open the stigma attached to addiction recovery.

Next, it was a lovely invite for dinner from another alumnus and his girlfriend. Friendly faces greeted me, a beautiful home-cooked meal set in a beautiful garden was the next stop.

Sharing these loving, intimate, and family-orientated pieces truly fills my heart up. To be invited into one’s home is a privilege and an honour. It was a remarkable moment and a new memory to stuff in my memory bank.

Then it was the support meeting with our ever-amazing facilitator Byron.  Good attendance, real-time talk again, and going so well that we’d lost track of time and went over our two hours!

What a privilege it is to continue to be a part of our men’s lives, their families, and the community at large. It was a day full of every emotion you could think of, but life is about that.

Ups and downs and all around. Life is life. However, if you have the support of good people that ride of life, when bumpy, is more tolerable.

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