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Choppy Seas make Great Sailors

Well it’s a new year. Another alumni tour ahead of me and more hope for recovery than ever. As I look out the ferry window and look at the choppy seas of the Pacific Ocean, I’m reminded of a beautiful excerpt I read last night, “How do you hold on to water? The future is not fixed; it is fluid and shifting and so vast with infinite possibilities that is cannot be contained. Allow it to be.”

Life is like that. Things constantly change and we must be willing to “go with the flow” as it is the path of least resistance. Having faith that it’s ok to not always have ‘control’ necessarily, and to grow with the changing tides, create our own pathway, and know that life is not intended to be easy, per se. That through great times of strife, hardship, and struggle comes great lessons, tenacity, courage, and growth. Choppy seas teach sailors how to sail through the storm – not easy seas or clear days.

My point? I’m excited. I was reminded last night of what life is, what it can be and what you make it. That not everything is meant to be controlled – rather shifting the paradigm to ‘I am flexible’ and ‘if I do not bend, I may break.’ I’m determined to share the journey of choppy seas with our clientele – growth is never easy, but when you have others there to manage them with you, you have the life preserver, the anchor, the wind at your back, and the sails in your favour.

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