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Celebrating Canada’s 150 After My Road Trip

Being on the road has helped me respect, understand, and appreciate this amazing country of ours just a little bit more. I have always been patriotic but seeing the country’s capital, the history that is Canada, the multiculturalism that makes us – us, I am more so than ever. Flying over the mountains, the great lakes, the fields of farmers, and the undeniable large landmass, the way each province is like a brother or sister – each uniquely different and beautiful in their own right.

I love Canada. I love our people. We should not define ourselves as East or West, or pit one another against another – we must unite. We are greater than just provinces, but of a country that is all-inclusive, beautiful, diverse, and full of culture. Each province has gone through their own hardships and struggles and each brings something to the table.

Let us love our country – it is ours. We make it what it is – collectively. I think that part of why I feel this way is because I moved from Alberta to BC 9 years ago, my husband moved to BC 20 years ago from Ontario, and my own father also moved here from Ontario. We have family all over the country – literally.

From coast to coast there has been struggling, there have been industries that collapsed (e.g. the auto industry in Ontario, the fishing and logging in BC, and the current state of Alberta’s oil industry). These have been tough times to navigate through, but we must pull together.

So, I ask you to love your fellow Canadians, band together, let love fill our hearts, and be the tough-as-nails, syrup drinking, poutine eating, pond hockey playing, cattle herding, cowboying, mountaineering, powwowing, and most fantastic CANADIANS. Let us also remember the aboriginal communities’ sacrifices and hardships – it is not a perfect story after all, but it is a part of our history.

From sea to shining sea – Happy birthday Canada.

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