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What our Alumni Have Told us About Their Struggles in Recovery

When we ask clients what addiction is, they provide any number of answers: “It’s a disease” “It’s not a disease, I just made bad choices” “It’s a bad habit” “I was irresponsible” Everyone seems is

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Addiction Recovery (Life After Treatment) | Boredom | Victor Frankl

Boredom in Addiction and Recovery

As regular readers of this blog know by now, the great psychiatrist Viktor Frankl said that addiction is a response to living a life that has little personal meaning. According to Frankl, the most obvious

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First Time for Everything: Trying New Things in Recovery

With our clubs rented and a beautiful October day laid out in front of us, everyone was excited to get out and smack the ball around at our local Myrtle Point Golf Course. As I

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How Fulfilling Careers Make a Difference in Addiction Recovery

While clients are with us, we try to help them find a realistic and satisfying career choice (if they don’t already have one). Many of our clients are currently unemployed or are in occupations that, for whatever

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Winter Blues & Boredom

Your “Winter Blues” may be a Chronic Condition As the days get shorter across Canada, you may find you’re experiencing difficulties mentally and physically. There is an official condition to reflect this shift: Seasonal Affective

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Between Boredom and Stress: The Middle Path to Successful Recovery

Over a century ago, research by psychologists Robert Yerkes and John Dillingham Dodson demonstrated the important relationship between arousal and performance. For people in recovery, the ‘inverted U’ helps explain why being optimally motivated in recovery

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Addiction Recovery (Life After Treatment) | Boredom | Life at SCHC | Meaning and Purpose | Motivation

Why Unstructured Time is a Necessary Part of Addiction Treatment

There are many resources available for people with addictions and support resources for family members dealing with a loved one’s addiction. If you’ve been a reader of these types of self-help books, perhaps you’ve heard

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The Lesson of Rat Park: Addiction is Not Just a Brain Disease

I’ve talked before about Bruce Alexander’s Rat Park experiments. It had long been known that a caged rat would use as much morphine as it could. Advocates of the disease model of addiction argued that

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Boredom in Recovery: Clean yet Miserable?

Geoff Thompson discusses the importance of living authentically or, as AA says on their sobriety chips, ‘To Thine Own Self Be True.’

Relapse, Addiction & The Stages of Change

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Relapse, Addiction & The Stages of Change

Relapse and Fear For families with loved ones in recovery from addiction, the R-word is a very scary word. Family members typically fear relapse because they make sense of it as a disaster or failure

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