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Category: Coping Skills

Addiction Recovery (Life After Treatment) | Life at SCHC | Resilience | Stress | Suffering

Big + Small Struggles at SCHC

I had planned to take a group for a hike today, but it was not to be. By 2:45 PM no one had yet to congregate on the front patio, so I decided to make

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Meaning and Purpose | Self-Care

The Balance Between Selfish and Self-less

A popular myth in the addiction treatment realm and society about drug and alcohol use is that individuals with alcohol or substance use disorders are extremely selfish, self-absorbed, egocentric, narcissistic (frequently mentioned in the 12

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Resilience | Stress

You Don’t Need to Wait for Holidays to Release Stress

Victoria day weekend is this month in Canada and, for many, it is the sound off for a season of outdoor fun. Camping, hiking, kayaking, swimming… you name it. It is a beacon for the start

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Addiction Recovery (Life After Treatment) | Self-Care | Work

Our Clients Learn to Balance Life and Career

Work Won’t Always Just Stop One thing we understand at SCHC is that life does not stop once you are in treatment. We know life does not just stop when you receive addiction treatment. For many

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Addiction Recovery (Life After Treatment) | Fitness, Exercise, and Recreation | Meaning and Purpose | Stress

Spring Clean Your Self, not Just Your House

Spring Equinox is right around the corner, meaning it’s almost that time of year to clean the house up of clutter that gathered during our winter hibernation. But it’s not only our house that needs

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Addiction Recovery (Life After Treatment) | Mental Health | School | Stress

Back to School: Student Mental Health & Addictions

With school back in order, it is an excellent time to bring up reminders about drugs and alcohol, their safe and healthy use, and how to be self-reflective of problematic behaviours. Whether it’s middle school,

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Addiction Recovery (Life After Treatment) | Boredom | Exploring Addiction | Life After Treatment / Recovery | Motivation | Stress

Between Boredom and Stress: The Middle Path to Successful Recovery

Over a century ago, research by psychologists Robert Yerkes and John Dillingham Dodson demonstrated the important relationship between arousal and performance. For people in recovery, the ‘inverted U’ helps explain why being optimally motivated in recovery

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Addiction Recovery (Life After Treatment) | Stress

Spring Cleaning for Your Life

Why does being organized matter? Because it can reduce the influence of stressors in your life. Stress has been around for a long time. Like a virus, it mutates and assumes a more virulent form.

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Addiction Recovery (Life After Treatment) | Drug & Alcohol Education | School | Self-Care

St. Patrick’s Day & Celebratory Drinking

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. I can already picture it; green beer, packed pubs, leprechaun hats, and severely intoxicated 20- and 30-something-year olds. Originally a cultural and religious holiday recognizing Saint Patrick,

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Addiction Recovery (Life After Treatment) | Coping Skills | Family Addiction Help | Relapse Prevention

Don’t Let The Festivities Get the Best of You – Part 3

Supporting Individuals in Recovery It’s natural to worry about a newly recovering individual relapsing over the holidays. Relapse prevention (or recovery support) must be balanced; take relapse seriously, but don’t smother the individual over the

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Family Addiction Help | Self-Care | Stress

Don’t Let The Festivities Get the Best of You – Part 1

With the holidays nearing, we know it only means your stress levels may be worsening. This is the start of a 4 part series on dealing with addiction and the holidays. It may be your

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Addiction Research & Theories | Coping Skills | Mindfulness | Relapse Prevention

Does Addiction Treatment Really Work? The Maladaptive Learned Behaviour Model

By Geoff Thompson, Ph.D. (cand.), RCC Program Director A large number of psychological theories of addiction argue that addiction arises because addicts have learned that using is a form of coping for various problems. For

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Relapse, Addiction & The Stages of Change

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Relapse, Addiction & The Stages of Change

Relapse and Fear For families with loved ones in recovery from addiction, the R-word is a very scary word. Family members typically fear relapse because they make sense of it as a disaster or failure

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