Calgary Alumni & Starbucks

There is something to be said about Calgarians and their Starbucks coffee. It’s a total thing. Maybe it’s actually a thing everywhere, or perhaps it is that Starbucks has a store on every second city block.

So, there were two days in a row that I met up with alumni at Starbucks for quick check-ins and a chance to catch up. The afternoon before our dinner, an alumnus and I were sitting there deep in conversation when another alumnus popped in. He never saw us, so the man I was with went up close and blew on the other’s ear as he stood in line – it was priceless! We laughed and laughed.

One of the major advantages of our SCHC Support Meetings across Canada is the opportunity for alumni to connect with other alumni that had been in programming at different times. They often make wonderful support connections and friendships outside of the meetings. It’s truly remarkable to witness when I get the opportunity.

We sat there for a while longer and finished up our coffees. The three of us walked down the street to our alumni dinner. There’s something to be said about the ‘Band of Brothers’ we have. It’s unique, it’s real, there’s depth and genuine love for one another.

I am always so privileged and honoured to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. I’m also grateful for my own addiction recovery as we get to be a part of one another’s journeys. The reality is support is there for as long as they need/want it and my own journey is a reflection that it can be done and it’s worth it.

It’s a community I am proud to be a part of. It shows strength, resiliency, determination, and faith that life can and will get better. As always – thank you, Calgarians for having us in your circle!

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