About Kye Taylor

Client Care Manager

Kye has been an employee at Sunshine Coast Health Center since 2008. He enjoys the challenge of working with the diverse spectrum of clients found at Sunshine Coast and has enjoyed working in a program that values physical fitness as part of an overall focus on wellness. Kye is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University in the field of Exercise Science and has worked in both Washington State and British Columbia in a variety of outpatient clinical settings.

Fitness, Exercise, and Recreation | Suffering

Surviving Suffering

Getting Comfortable It is a basic human instinct to avoid suffering. In fact, innovations that have created our modern day infrastructure have unequivocally been motivated by this basic human instinct. Each passing generation, when compared

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Sport and Alcohol: How Marketing Misleads the Masses

Spring is in the Air Spring is undoubtedly my favourite time of the year. The weather is warming up (at least out here on the West coast), there is a smorgasbord of sports and competitions

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Addiction Recovery (Life After Treatment) | Resilience | Spirituality

A Natural Connection: How Trees Personify Humans

Dreaming Under a Douglas Fir Amidst the unseasonably early heat of the weekend, my friends and I found refuge in the shade of a mature Douglas fir in a local elementary school’s playground. We were

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Addiction Recovery (Life After Treatment) | Fitness, Exercise, and Recreation | Meaning and Purpose

Redefining Recovery: Realizing the Spice of Life

A Moment in the Sun We cruised by boat north from Savary Island (off the coast of Powell River, BC) to this unspoiled bay with crystal clear, emerald waters and towering coastal forests. Following a

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Addiction Recovery (Life After Treatment) | Fitness, Exercise, and Recreation | Self Awareness

How Vanity, Narcissism, and Rudeness Have Infiltrated Gym Culture

Survival of the Fittest Why is it that people at the gym feel the need to exude an outward expression of hostility to other gym goers? Everyone relax, there’s enough dumbbells and plates to go

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Addiction Recovery (Life After Treatment) | Fitness, Exercise, and Recreation | Goals

Death to Dieting: How Diets Lead to Disappointment

The Last Straw Moment We’ve all had that “enough is enough” moment. Whether it’s a frumpy Facebook photo or the dreaded trip to the shop to add another hole to the belt – we are

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Functional Strength Training Debunked: How to Train and act Like a Pro

Honest Self Reflection As depicted in the “Don’t be that guy!” video, everyone approaches exercise and the gym with different philosophies, backgrounds, abilities, and motivations. Differences are to be expected and, in fact, embraced, so

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Meaning and Purpose | Motivation

Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Motivation: What Motivates You Matters

The Mindset of an Olympian Across the country, Canadians everywhere are experiencing heart swelling national pride, and that can mean only one thing – Olympic season is upon us. Isn’t it refreshing to watch athletes

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Fitness, Exercise, and Recreation | Mental Health

Exercise Your Demons: A Closer Look at the Obesity and Mental Health Endemic

By 2010, 35.7% of adult Americans were classified as obese and obesity related health costs were estimated at $147 billion dollars. Now, if you are thinking “Wow! When will those Americans get their act together?”

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Fitness, Exercise, and Recreation | Mental Health

Brain Over Brawn: How Exercise Improves Mood, Energy, and Brain Function

It’s January and the gyms are full of folks eager to undue the effects of over-indulgence during the holidays and the sedentary habits that often accompany the dark and dreary days of winter. The dream

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Exploring Addiction

Exploring the Potential of Exercise as a Treatment to Addiction

A kinesiologist highlights the benefits of exercise for those who are struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Relapse, Addiction & The Stages of Change

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Relapse, Addiction & The Stages of Change

Relapse and Fear For families with loved ones in recovery from addiction, the R-word is a very scary word. Family members typically fear relapse because they make sense of it as a disaster or failure

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