About Kye Taylor

Client Care Manager

Kye has been an employee at Sunshine Coast Health Center since 2008. He enjoys the challenge of working with the diverse spectrum of clients found at Sunshine Coast and has enjoyed working in a program that values physical fitness as part of an overall focus on wellness. Kye is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University in the field of Exercise Science and has worked in both Washington State and British Columbia in a variety of outpatient clinical settings.

Fitness, Exercise, and Recreation | Our Program | Transformation

Fearless Fridays: Exercise in Addiction Treatment

Rise and Shine It’s 7:30 AM Friday morning at SCHC and three lone souls stand atop the bank looking out over the Malaspina Strait. Our legs are riddled with lactic acid and our lungs burn like

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Life at SCHC | Transformation

Breaking Ground at SCHC: Is it Time for a Life Renovation too?

Proceed with Caution For the past few weeks, my office has been in the heart of a construction zone. The entire building is getting renovated. The process of reaching my office has become an exercise

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Fitness, Exercise, and Recreation | Transformation

How Injuries can Lead to all Around Growth

Pushing the Envelope For as long as I can remember, injuries have been a part of my life. Train, compete, injure, rehabilitation: this has been the cycle since I’ve been 12. While some might call me

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Addiction and Society

Canada Day: What it Really Means to be Canadian

Happy Birthday Canada Day is upon us yet again. This year our country will turn 149 years old. In our modern society, we seldom take the time to remember and celebrate Canada’s riveting history, opting to,

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Addiction Recovery (Life After Treatment)

Summer Strong: Solidifying Recovery in the Early Days After Treatment

Not so Easy Summertime and the living’s easy. These Sublime lyrics may be true for some, but for others, and especially those who have substance abuse issues, it can be anything but. Summer Stressin’ For

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Life at SCHC | Our Staff

Overcoming the Emergency Room Blues

Once again, I find myself sitting in the sterile and uniquely boring confines of a Canadian Emergency Room. I make small talk with others to both pass the time and to lighten the mood. For the

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Fitness, Exercise, and Recreation | Life at SCHC

Blazing a Fresh Path: Mountain Biking at SCHC

Two Wheel Therapy Over the past few weeks here at SCHC, we have been taking to the trails of Powell River’s beautiful backcountry to carve up some of its world class single track downhill mountain

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Life at SCHC | Relationships

The Importance of Family, Friends, and Community

An Incredible Weekend Mother’s Day and my birthday happened to fall on the same day for me this year! It also happened to fall on the Sunday of the 1st Annual Tink Memorial Cup in

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Fitness, Exercise, and Recreation | Our Program

Re-Kindling a Passion for Physical Activity and Recreation at SCHC

Here’s what my typical fitness assessment with our clients looks like… I Used to “I used to” is a common beginning to sentences I see in the exercise history section of our client fitness assessments

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Life at SCHC

It’s More Than Just Maintenance

Spring is in the Air At SCHC, and on the Coast in general, spring is a special time of year. Signals that another winter has passed come in waves throughout March and April. The first

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Fitness, Exercise, and Recreation

Health and Fitness II: How I See My Role at SCHC

The Big Picture Two things govern everything that we do at the Sunshine Coast Health Centre: 1. An ongoing pursuit of discovering what guides personal meaning and purpose 2. A commitment to improving bio-psycho-social-spiritual health These

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Fitness, Exercise, and Recreation | Meaning and Purpose

Health and Fitness: How I See My Role at SCHC

Whenever I get asked “What do you do?”, I smile, as I view it as not only an opportunity to promote our facility, but also the chance to educate the general public about what our

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Relapse, Addiction & The Stages of Change

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Relapse, Addiction & The Stages of Change

Relapse and Fear For families with loved ones in recovery from addiction, the R-word is a very scary word. Family members typically fear relapse because they make sense of it as a disaster or failure

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