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Be Kind by Any Means Possible

So, I like to keep it easy and organic. It’s my morning to leave Toronto and head to ‘The Rock’ Halifax. I’m taking the UP train to YYZ. I know it runs every 15 minutes – so I don’t rush. I pack, take part in the underground walkway, and get to the first destination in 7 minutes. Life is good.

At the station, it says 7 minutes till departure. Perfect. Just enough time to grab a Java. In my Java line, a lady is having troubles with her debit, I’m all in at this point and say I got it! Too late it went through.

I turn to the lady behind me, ask her if she is having a coffee, she is. She and the barista both look a little perplexed…and they hesitate. Oh Toronto, just so you know people can be nice just because. I pay, she asks why, and I ‘blame’ it on kindness and ‘why not. She is thankful, we exchange some pleasantries of travels.

Now, the moral of my story is, why not? Why wait? Let’s be kinder to one another. Whether it’s buying a stranger a coffee, asking a woman crying if she is ok, holding the door open, smiling at people, and just being aware of trying to be a good human.

Life’s too short. And on my quest through life, I want to leave a great big wake of love. Advertently or inadvertently. It’s all those little things that turn into big things. “Kindness begets kindness, they say”.

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